The Healthcare & Care Home Interior Design Specialists

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We create healthcare interiors that both enrich people’s lives as well as ensure faster occupancy.

Comfort in healthcare is so much more than the décor. Our expert team of interior designers will consider how nursing home furniture feels to the touch, the choice of fabrics, colour, utilisation of lighting, be that natural light or artificial lighting, how soft a cushion is, or creating an attractive space to put care home furniture within. These can all make an enormous difference to the quality of life offered to your residents. Your care home design project deserves so much more. Our turnkey care home and healthcare interior design & fit-out services are built on an unrivalled understanding of the healthcare sector’s needs and creating a distinctive and luxurious environment that contributes greatly to the quality-of-care people feel they receive, even if they suffer from dementia or other cognitive impairments.

With our design services, your project will deliver a beautiful, safe, secure, welcoming space for your care home residents, something that your staff will take pride in. We are not just a care home interior design provider or somewhere to coordinate as a source of nursing home furniture. We are an award-winning partner who will help you create a beautiful design scheme and furnishings that provide your care home residents with a surrounding that enhances their lives, whilst providing luxury, comfort & purpose in their lives.


We understand the apprehension that people can feel when entering residential care for the first time. As such, our role is far more than a provider of care home interior design, or a mere care home furniture source. Your entrance hall is the window to your world, and we will ensure your customer's first experience is warm, welcoming and as stress-free as possible.

Nursing home furniture is not enough; the prospective user's first experience, and that of their loved ones, is proven to greatly influence the decisions people will make where they will spend the rest of their lives.


Your resident's needs are at the heart of your business being successful and creating a restful environment helps meet those same needs and gives their loved ones a sense of comfort and wellbeing in your delivery of their care.

Care home interior design and furniture are blended with an acute sense & deep understanding of combining aesthetics with practical ways. This ensures those with limited eyesight, restricted hearing, or all types of dementia are catered for in a safe, secure environment that is sympathetic to their needs whilst giving comfort & enjoyment to their residency. Our continued healthcare industry recognition & award-winning design for care team illustrates that we meet the needs of people living in care. We understand better than most how the built environment can enhance their lives, and ensure success for their care providers.