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Ethics & Culture

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We start with a passion to improve people’s lives, the occupants of the healthcare facilities to which we breathe life and function to, which in turn adds value & delivers a return on investment for our customers, and everything we do thereafter is undertaken to leave a legacy in our sector.

To us the balancing of creating healthcare facility interiors that create a look, feel and a ‘wow factor’ that enriches the lives of their occupants, gives practical solutions to their very specific needs by virtue of a thorough understanding of ‘design for dementia’ and over 2 decades of practical experience with the operators of healthcare facilities, and offering an unrivalled scope of service whilst demonstrating ‘value for money’ that ensures a profitable return for operators & investors is key.

The whole Catalyst team are specialists in healthcare design & delivery, it is not a side-line or a spin off from a different business, nor do we need to ‘sell care home furniture’ or move soft furnishings. Everything that we do is built around a culture of better understanding the needs of healthcare patients, continuous improvement and delivering solutions that enhance people’s wellbeing, make their lives more comfortable & enjoyable, and distinguish and differentiate their providers.
Take our investment in staff training as just one example, all of our team regardless of what they do, attend a minimum one day’s training on design for dementia. Everybody in our team is brought up with a culture of understanding our end customers’ needs, and to extract every last advantage to make healthcare residents more secure and safe. Whilst it may infuriate suppliers who try to sell their wares to us alone, we don’t cut any corners in accessing & providing the best options for our customers, and our buying power is huge so our customers benefit from pricing that is typically similar to that they themselves would obtain, without the time & administration involved.

When we implement our designs & fit-out our project team are run with military precision, and we complete the process in a week, ensuring that our customer’s premises are open for business sooner. Just think of how much time your team get involved in historically in unwrapping lamps, repositioning electrical items, and disposing of manufacturer’s packaging even before you complete the paperwork involved. With Catalyst Interiors’ involvement you have no need to do any of this, your team just turn up and start running your core business beautifully prepared & finished to read your first guests.

Nothing beats seeing for yourself, so we are always happy to take you to a Catalyst Interiors designed healthcare facility in your region to show you close up. Or if you would like a 3D tour of how your reception could look for example just ask, we do that for our customers where it helps.

The Catalyst team are passionate about what we do and have a ‘Can do’ culture, we recognise that our best endeavours have a positive impact upon people’s lives, and it could our loved ones & extended family that benefit from our work so there is no more powerful motivation to do it right.

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