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Nursing Home Design

Care for the elderly & the vulnerable amongst us is a sign of a compassionate giving society and goes way beyond the remit or experience & training of most care home furniture suppliers. 
We work closely with our clients and supply partners to challenge and change the way people think about care environments and nursing in particular. With these healthcare interiors we recognise that what we do is fundamental to the quality of care that is ultimately delivered, so the choice of  nursing home furniture, allied to the materials used in our clients’ nursing home interiors is pivotal to creating healthcare interiors that exceed expectations and allow residents to enjoy a dignified life at their own pace.

Nursing Bed.jpg

We think of our own family and loved ones when we design such nursing care interiors, would we be happy to see our parents or grandparents living in such a facility. There is an achievable balance that we always reach between client’s needs and resources, the physical surroundings of the built environment (although early adoption of us in the process will always help accelerate this gain) and the residential home furniture to be utilised. 

Our Pinder award winning designs are recognised by our peers and their own Jon Chapman commented, when asked to sum up what Catalyst had done to receive so many awards & finalist entries,  “As judges of design, we are impressed with aesthetics but only if it enhances suitability for the purpose”. With a Catalyst Interiors specialist nursing home interior design our clients, their ultimate customers, family & staff all benefit from an unrivalled industry experience and knowledge, that ensures the 1st experience is one that ensures faster occupancy & greater fill rates.

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