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The mental health of your residents.

Updated: May 21, 2021

How has coronavirus impacted your resident’s mental health and how can you support them?

Many of you will be aware that the 10th of October was world mental health day and this year the topic of mental health is more prevalent than ever.

The months of lockdown and uncertainty have had a huge impact on us all and we feel it is particularly important to address the impact that coronavirus has had on your care homes and residents.

As I am sure you all know care homes have been hit particularly badly by coronavirus and we feel it is important to address the impact of the virus on all residents but particularly dementia residents. The impact of coronavirus on them has been massive. Some resident’s dementia has worsened, and many are now struggling with their mental health.

Recent studies show that care home residents, in particular those with dementia have been affected in a number of way; they are recognising the stress and anxiety of care home staff, feeling unsettled and scared due to staff members covering their faces with masks, struggling to understand or comply with restrictions and facing loneliness due to family and friends not being able to visit.

There are many ways that you can support your dementia residents through this time including; lots of reassurance, sticking to a clear routine, setting up virtual communication with their friends and family, engaging them in fun activities and limiting their exposure to negative information.

Here at Catalyst we want to support your residents in any way possible which we why we want to introduce you to our partner charity 1letter1smile. Their initiative partners up members of the general public with care home residents that may feel isolated or lonely. You can sign up your care home to give your residents something to smile about in this difficult time. For information on how to do this, visit

That being said don’t forget to also support your caregivers, together we will get through this.

For more information in regard to coronavirus and dementia residents, visit

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