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Residential Home Design


A residential care home facility is a setting where elder members of the community come together, usually living in single rooms, with access to on-site care services. Typically therefore a healthcare facility registered simply as a care home will provide personal care only - help with washing, dressing and giving medication etc. Now our start point for design in this environment is that the facility should stimulate the mind and body, bringing both happiness and well-being.

Residential homes should be fun and we will typically design in facilities such as cinema rooms, therapy rooms and relaxation spas. In fact we have often also designed such healthcare interiors to include indoor beaches, sun therapy rooms and themed pubs. A Catalyst designed home is a place to enjoy living with a wider circle of friends.

By designing our healthcare interiors as we do our experienced team ensure that our clients and their customers love the unique features that we create in their homes, and their staff love working within them and as a result staff retention in a challenging workplace market is enhanced.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so if you would like to see a Catalyst designed healthcare interior ask us to show you recent projects that we’ve work on, or ask us for a 3D walk through design for your next project, just don’t trip over the care home furniture-it’s virtual remember.

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