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The Catalyst Difference


Our team of over 20 (Click to meet the team) are passionate about what we do, and the industry respected Prof. Mary Marshall of Stirling University Dementia Services Dept. Centre commented that  we “really did demonstrate just how serious Catalyst is about delivering best practice in dementia design’.
Using lighting, colour. texture and materials that support specific care needs, our specialist designers create tasteful, homely & welcoming spaces which help relieve the challenges faced by those who work and live in care environments.  Prof. Mary Marshall of Stirling University Dementia Services Dept. Centre commented “Catalyst demonstrated skills in their careful sourcing and designing of new products which will enable them to align with the advice of the Dementia Services Development Centre, in relation to visibility, safety and confidence for people with dementia, whilst also considering the commercial needs of their clients”.- We couldn’t have said it better Mary!
 When involved earlier in the planning & design process Catalyst are able to help the client make even more gain from the built environment typically without extra cost to the client as our advice and support on M & E installation and positioning, carpentry & joinery features etc. will bring huge aesthetic and practical benefits to the end project without major budgetary impact, but the gains in aesthetics and functionality will assist faster occupancy & quicker fill rates.
In short, at Catalyst Interiors we are the specialists in healthcare interior design and fit-out, and our unrivalled expertise will add value to your project, and save time and administration for the client, whilst providing superior care home interiors that stand out from your competitors.
We recognise that you have a choice and do not shy away from explaining our service in detail and get to understand your exact specific needs, after all we want to build a long term partnership not a short term fix. That’s why for over 2 decades the UK’s most discerning healthcare providers have recognised the Catalyst difference and chose to partner with us.

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