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Dementia Friendly Interior Design

As a market leading specialist in dementia friendly design for care homes, we operate quite differently to standard care home furniture suppliers. We design care home settings as our starting point. The surroundings as the framework to work within, focusing on the type of flooring installed, natural and artificial lighting, colours, and the dementia care home furniture utilised. Our design for dementia service is instead a holistic approach that sees our experienced and highly trained team look at every aspect of the needs of people living with dementia, to enhance the quality of daily life for these care home residents.

It is not an understatement to say that our design for dementia service considers every sensory requirement within a care home facility. We understand that every form of dementia has its own challenges that need to be considered and adapted for. Interior design for dementia care homes is a process for experienced individuals who are more than just suppliers of care home furniture.


Our team of specialist dementia healthcare interior designers are experts in the specific needs of the healthcare market. Our service does not stop at supporting the individual with dementia but also their families and carers, who are a pivotal factor in designing practical healthcare interiors. Great dementia friendly design is first in our goals; providing friendly spaces and care environments to the people living in care with dementia is always at the forefront of our thoughts.

We do not design for the procurement manager, not the financial accountant, as their needs are best met by meeting the requirements of those that will benefit most from our solutions. We are catering for your resident’s needs by aiming to enhance the life of the person with dementia. This, in turn, means that our designs are indeed a ‘win win' solution for everybody involved.

Due to our size and reputation within the dementia healthcare interiors market, we also find that care home furniture suppliers actively seek our input; our knowledge is highly sought out by those looking to differentiate their homes from others.

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