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Our team of dementia healthcare interiors specialists are experts in the specific needs of the healthcare market where dementia is the pivotal factor in designing healthcare interiors that design, and then provide an environment as the people living in care with dementia, who r ultimate clients will experience it.

We do not design for the procurement manager, not the financial accountant, as their needs are best met by meeting the requirements of those that will benefit most from the built environment catering for & therefore enhancing their lives. This in turn means that our designs are truly a ‘win win’ for everybody involved.

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Residential homes should be fun, and we will typically design in facilities such as cinema rooms, therapy rooms and relaxation spas, in fact we have often also designed such healthcare interiors to include indoor beaches, sun therapy rooms and themed pubs.

A Catalyst designed home is a place to enjoy living with a wider circle of friends. By designing our healthcare interiors as we do our experienced team ensure that our clients and their customers love the unique features that we create in their homes, and their staff love working within them and stay aiding retention.

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We work closely with our clients and supply partners to challenge and change the way people think about care environments and nursing in particular. With these healthcare interiors we recognise that what we do is fundamental to the quality of care that is ultimately delivered, so the choice of  nursing home furniture, allied to the materials used in our clients’ nursing home interiors is pivotal to creating healthcare interiors that exceed expectations and allow residents to enjoy a dignified life at their own pace.

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